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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art, which suggests how to hold objects to achieve harmony, health, happiness, love and wealth. It teaches how to find balance in our relations to the object around us. As they placed that the people and the environment harmoniously unite and strengthen positive tendencies. According to old Chinese is the deployment of objects in space very important. Location of our home, office and location of all objects, which surrounds the influence on our attitudes, and even our soul. These forces affect our behavior and overall view of all the positive and negative, hostile and friendly, harmonious and harmful.

How does Fung Shui and fire? Find answer here.

FENG SHUI Chinese words translated means "wind and water". The phrase, however, symbolizes "the wind blowing on the top of the mountain" and "water rising to the ridge," which focuses our attitudes and actions to the successful achievement of objectives.

Origin FENG SHUI found in ancient Chinese astronomy, the Taoist cosmology, philosophy and the Chinese text I-Ting. Proper arrangement of items to happy place contributes to strike a harmonious state of balance. Balance between the mysterious forces of heaven and among the people and objects on Earth. This  brings harmony for  people living under this art happiness.

We do not know exactly when and who founded FENG SHUI. There is, however, that the invention was created at the time of the compass, which apparently was invented Yellow emperor, priest and ruler of ancient China. He lived about 2700 years before Christ.



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