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Construction of fireplaces

We will design fireplace in accordance with the energy flow in your abode - the link between the fireplace and Feng Shui. Thus assured, your fireplace becomes a favorite place. We will provide consultation and advice in this area: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The final phase of construction fireplace is construction fireplace facing, in other words the overall implementation of the fireplace. This step precedes a series of important steps such as counseling, proper positioning of the building fireplace housing in the area, design of functionality and design, selection of a suitable fireplace  and draft a comprehensive design. All this, of course, in accordance with your requirements.
Proper selection of construction materials is very important, not only in terms of overall design, but especially in terms of its functionality. The use of facing materials such as natural stone or ceramic tiles are then only cream of the crop, as the overall appearance.

Company CAMIN you throughout this process will provide many years of professional experience through everything you need to successfully manage the project from its inception until his surrender in service provision and support.

We can deliver the highest quality fireplaces, exactly according to your requirements:
  1. Typical fireplaces – a selection of finished products catalog
  2. Atypical fireplaces – fireplace ensembles tailored
  3. Galery of atypical fireplaces – preview of realizations CAMIN fireplaces




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